Teenagers Party Games

Teenage Party Games

William Tell Race

For some fun teenagers party games full of laughter and energy, try William Tell Race. In this game players compete balancing an apple of top of their heads.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- An apple for each player or team

How To Play :

This game can be played in teams or individually depending on the number of guests and your personal preferences.

Mark the "Start" and "Finish" lines. If the game is played in teams, first players (one player from each team) stand at the "Start" line with an apple in their hands.

At the starting signal, players balance an apple on their heads and try to walk to the "Finish" line as quickly as possible. Once they've reached the "Finish" line, they turn around and walk back to the "Start" line to pass the apple to the next player in their team.

If the apple falls off, it's back to the "Start" line!

Who Wins :

The team whose players, one by one, manage to get the apple to the "Finish" line and back first win the race!

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