Teen Birthday Party Games

How Is It?


Looking for some fun teen birthday party games? Play How Is It. This game can be played conservatively and not so much, depending on the mood.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

How To Play :

The players sit down in a circle on the floor. One player is sent out of the room. To help you pick the first player to be sent out, choose the one to the left (or right) of the host.

The player sent out of the room becomes a "guesser" and should remain out until the group calls him back.

The group must decide on something they all have in common : it could be a possession (for example, a particular CD, a cell phone or an iPod), a physical characteristic (nails, muscles, back, flat abs) or a character trait (sense of humour, memory etc.)

Once the group has decided what they have in common the guesser returns to the room.

Now the guesser must ask each player in turn, "How is it?". Players must answer honestly, but creatively, using only one word.

So for example, if the common possession was a cell phone, the players might answer: "slick", "shiny", "thin", "flat", "small".

Depending on how the game is going, you can either give the guesser one shot or let him fist ask the group three random questions the group can answer either "yes" or "no" to, before he starts guessing.

Once the guesser has got the common theme right, the game continues with another player assuming the role of the guesser.

If the guesser can't guess correctly, he has to perform a forfeit, which could be anything, from singing a love song to confessing the last person he had a dirty dream about.

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