Survivor Party Games and Ideas for Your Next Survivor Theme Party!

Fans of the Survivor know that this is much more than just a TV show. This reality show has taken the world by storm with millions of followers all over the globe.

With so many viewers tuning in week after week, as dreams are won and lost, it makes sense that people of different ages may find the idea of a Survivor TV show inspired party very exciting. This type of party needs some advanced preparation to make it entertaining, but can be a lot of fun when planned well.


Survivor theme party games are a must if you're planning a Survivor party for the fans of the show and adventure lovers alike.

These group games are a great deal of pleasure and will make each person (including those slightly anti-social types) involved.

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Games will help you set the tone and the atmosphere for your exciting Survivor party. And the best part about them is, they involve very little or no preparation at all!

Your participants will need to be divided into teams of a manageable size and every team needs to be given a name.

It's a good idea to draw toothpicks with different colored plastic on the ends rather than choosing teams so that no one is left out and neither team has an unfair advantage because they know each other better.

Survivor party games are all about team spirit, bonding and fun, therefore the idea of these games is assigning a specific task and get the team to accomplish it first.

Ever heard a proverb “No man is an island.”? These games will provide it with a whole new meaning! Are your friends excellent team players? Here's your chance to find out. The purpose of the game is to accomplish the task, but more importantly, have a blast doing it.


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One entertaining Survivor party game the Blanket Race. It requires a member of each group holding on to the edge of a blanket (each team will have its own blanket).

A ball is then put in the center of the blanket and the idea is to get as many bumps as possible without letting the ball make contact with the ground in a specified period of time.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but you and your guests will see how much fun it is! Each member of the team will participate actively and enjoy himself while doing so.


An alternative enjoyable Survivor party game is Stranded On An Island. In this game the players have to be seated in a circle and the host will start the game.

The host starts by announcing “If I was stranded on an island, I hope to have” and says a word that begins with the letter A. The player sitting to the right of the host will have to go over the original line and then say a new word that starts with the letter B. The next player repeats the first two words and adds his own beginning with letter C, so on and so forth.

A participant who makes a mistake is booted “off the island” and the game will continues without him. The last participant remaining in the game is the Survivor.


Skin The Fish is another Survivor party activity. For this game, a "fish" made out of chocolate needs to be wrapped in a foil (make sure you have a few layers) before the game and the players need to be divided into groups.

The idea is to have a race to see which team can skin the “fish” by removing all the layers of the foil and eat the most “fish” first.

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Ensure that you have an assortment of dollar tree "Survival gear" to give out as prizes.

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Once all the games have been played it can be a perfect time to settle in for a couple of Survivor episodes on TV or DVD.

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People always remember the food they had at the party. This is why nearly all party organizers are so thorough when it comes to party menu planning.

The important issue to bear in mind when planning a menu for the Survivor party is to create dishes that are not only finger-licking good, but health-friendly as well.

Select the salad or fruits as the appetizers. They're healthy, full of flavor and have a wide range of textures. And there’s very little preparation required!

Consider the foods that are in season. Not only do you get food that is fresh, but you can also save more money because in-season foods usually cost less.

It is recommended to limit the number of dishes, but offer them in larger quantities instead of having a wide range of choices offered in smaller quantities. Serve light dishes, finger food and don't forget to prepare something for the vegetarian guests.

Campfire foods like hot dogs and s'mores are a good idea and make for easy clean up.

If alcoholic beverages will be served, stock up as much ice as possible. Having two different punch bowls is also a good idea; keep the other one for those who are not up for alcohol.


Plan to decorate your house in Survivor theme style: guest entry, gathering area, table setting and centerpiece.

It's a good idea to move away expensive furniture and carpets around the party area out of the way until the festivities are over.

Place plants, flowers and decorative props that will set the tone for your Survivor theme. Candles, torches, fragrance along with flowers are also a great decorating idea for this theme and will make the setting seem more island-like and dramatic.


As the preparation gets finalized, create a shopping list for the decorations to help you stay focused and on the budget. Remember to add in game prizes to the list as well as souvenirs if you're planning give-aways.

When it comes to party planning, it is the attention to detail that make all the difference. It is important to plan in advance, stay focused and on the budget. But what is even more important is having a great time with the whole planning process.


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