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Want to spice up your party with some sexy adult party games? Saucy Simon Says is just the right game to play. It's an adult version of the famous party classic.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

How To Play:

All guests get in a circle around the designated "Simon" and hold hands.

Simon now tells a story about himself, while all the players slowly move around in one direction.

Suddenly, and almost unnoticed because it is part of a story, Simon will call out a simple command, for example "Simon says, whisper something to the person on your left" or "Simon says, kiss the person on your right", and everyone has to do as Simon commanded.

To fool all the players, Simon will pepper his story with misleading commands that do not start with "Simon says".

So if Simon suddenly says "Mark says, slap the person to your left on the bottom", or, without a name "Touch the person who's sitting beside you", players should NOT in fact slap or touch anyone.

Anyone who follows the wrong command, has to take off an item of clothing.

Who Wins :

The winner is the last person to remain fully dressed!

Command Ideas :

- Touch the person on your right/left.

- Hug the person on your right/left.

- Whisper something sexy to the person on your right/left.

- Kiss the person on your right/left.

- Obtain one item of clothing from the person on your right/left.

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