Princess Party Games and Ideas for a Magical Princess Party!

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A princess party is what practically every girl dreams of at at one point in her childhood or another. Make your princess' dream a reality by creating the unique princess party for her.

Obviously, no such festivity can be complete without some great Princess Party games to help set the tone and create a really magical atmosphere at your gathering. There are plenty of ideas that can be incorporated into the princess theme that will be both enjoyable and incredibly memorable.


You will find a bunch of great party games that can be played at a Princess party and the best place to search for inspiration is your much loved childhood fairy tales.

Listed here are a few fun Princess Party games and ideas that guarantee to get your princesses excited as well as to add the energy and fun to your party.

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Instead of a classic Pin The Tail on The Donkey, how about exciting game of Kiss the Frog? Instead of running about with a tail to pin on a donkey, your little hostess and all of her princess friends can run around trying to pin a pair of puckered lips on the frog.

It's a fun variation of a well-known birthday party favorite.


Girls like dressing up and play princesses. That's one of the reasons Princess Parties are so well-liked as birthday as well as slumber parties. And really, what girl is able to resist the chance to dress up and feel like a royalty for a few hours ?

One of the many activities for the Princess Party that is very much loved by the younger girls is the Parade. Get the girls to dress up, pose and walk through the crowd.

You may even appoint the judges and give prizes for different categories like The Cutest Princess, The Finest Smile Princess and many others.

Just make sure that all girls receive some sort of award or prize, so no one feels left out.



For crafts you can have each party princess make her very own tiara to wear for the day's festivities. It is always a lot of fun, it gets all the little girls together in one spot, quietly one hopes, and concentrating on a particular task.

They will also have this cool souvenir to bring home with them. You will need to make sure to get a photo of each princess wearing her tiara as one more souvenir.

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You can also have each princess decorate a picture frame in the princess theme style for a great picture of herself with her tiara or posing and giving a smile to the camera during the Parade.

That will make it a cool take-home gift for your guests and will be sure to keep the memory of the fantastic time they had at your party fresh in their minds.

Crafts are usually fairly low-cost and are a bunch of fun for the little princesses and their moms to work on together.


A different amusing activity you can occupy the girls with, is designing princess treasure chest.

Find paper boxes for a small amount or nothing at a craft store, give out to the girls some ornaments, beads, stickers and glue, and instruct them to be as imaginative as they can. Don’t forget to include some toffee or sweets for some additional pleasure.


Matching the Slipper is another Princess Party favorite. In this game get everyone to take off one shoe or slipper and put it into a pile in the middle of the room.

Separate the guests into two teams then have them form lines on the opposite side of each other with the pile in the middle.

Get a guest from each group hop to the pile, get her shoe, put it on then run back to her row and tag the next princess until all of the the participants found their shoes.

Reward the group that gets the task complete first. This game will guarantee to result in a lot of giggles and excitement.


And how about a Disney Princess Ball?

What little princess wouldn’t love to sway to some favorite Disney tunes? And while the music is playing, try the Royal Ball Freeze Dance.

Play the song and then stop it all of a sudden, instructing everyone to freeze in a royal pose. Make sure you have a camera ready to snap some really awesome pictures.


Remember to include both quite and active games to balance your princesses’ energy levels. And try to have some extra ideas, just in case, if possible. It's always preferable to plan for some extra activities you end up not needing, than have the children get bored and cranky.


Keep the food down to finger food that is little or no mess and approved by your princess.

Cake as well as ice cream are a must, however, if the celebration is meant to continue for any length of time, you might consider including ham and cheese rollups, finger sandwiches, a berry and vegetable platter along with some cookies for a simple lunch as well as some food for the moms and dads.

Remember to have princess fruit punch with your favorite red powdered drink, ginger ale (or lemon lime soda) and strawberry ice cream.


Decoration should be quite simple. Pink as well as violet or green streamers are excellent for this theme.

Naturally, confetti followed with paper plates, cups, and napkins in a color that is fitting for the party theme are a great starting point, because little kids actually will not require a lot more decoration than that, except of course if you have a princess that likes balloons. In this case, enough can not be mentioned regarding the importance of balloons.

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It goes without saying that no princess party is really completed without a bard telling tales.

Plan for readings of favorite princess tales and perhaps a viewing of a classic fairy tale movie ( as Disney's Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.

This offers a little more quiet time in which the princesses can cool down and the craft table can be cleared up to prepare for the desserts and presents later on.


Don't forget to prepare cool gift bags for all the guests. One of the coolest ideas is a little princess party purse packed with little brushes, lip-gloss and princess stickers. It makes a great haul for the guests and is a real fun to put together.


In reality, planning for a wonderful princess party for your little princess is not as problematical as one might think and can be done quite nicely even on a small budget.

The key thing is to have lots of food and ample of fun things and activities to occupy your princess and her guests through the entire party.

For some awesome Princess Party supplies and decorating ideas, visit our Princess Party Supplies & Decorations page!

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