Would You Like To Relax and Enjoy Yourself, Knowing Your Guests are Having Great Fun at Your Party?

Don't Stress Out Planning Your Next Celebration...

You CAN be the Host/ess with the Most with a few simple tips I'll share with you!

If you dread hosting parties because you worry so much about how to keep your guests entertained, you are going to LOVE this solution to your problem!

You can now benefit from all my years of experience in throwing great parties for my friends and family!

You too can now relax and enjoy yourself at your next party. All the stress is gone when you have a total party planner and party games guide for EVERY occasion you could plan parties for, all year round.

Want To Have A Sneak Preview What My Product Offers?

• Easy to Follow Party Planning Tips set out in simple reference for all Occasions, all year round.

• Party Ideas for all Seasons and every Celebration opportunity.

• Super Fun Party Games with clear instructions.

• Everything you need in one place!

- This one ebook download has everything you need to plan a great Party at your fingertips.

• Nothing is Left out!

- 300 pages crammed with great party planning tips, fun party games and activity ideas for your celebration.

Why I've Created This

Lots of people get really anxious and stressed out planning their parties because they worry if everything is done right and their guests will be having a great time. After all, who wants to be responsible for hosting the worst party of the year?

Problem Solved!

My instructions for party games and how to plan celebrations for all occasions, all year round, are simple and easy to follow, so I know you too can relax and start having fun at your own parties along with your happy party guests!

Whether your parties are small home affairs or huge events in hired venues, with this book you will find the tips to help you be better prepared, and to make sure your event is a success!

Look What Other Customers Are Saying About
“Great Time Party Games Encyclopedia"

I LOVE “Great Time Party Games Encyclopedia"! Easy-to-follow instructions for party games and creative ideas for preparing the celebrations make for a top notch ebook. Highly recommended!

- Pam T, NSW, Australia

I'm not a pro when it comes to hosting parties - and most of the parties I've been to over the years have left a lot to be desired - lol. But you can take my word for it that 'Great Time Party Games Encyclopedia" is everything they say it is and more! You won't be disappointed! It's a book bursting with ideas and tips, along with an unbeatable guarantee; you've got nothing to lose!

- Carl P-S, Denmark

I'm loving this guide! I don't have much experience with hosting parties, so coming up with ice-breakers and party activities was a real headache for me. Nathalie has created a great resource that I will be learning from for years to come.

- Helene M, Victoria Australia

But Wait! There's More!
3 Amazing Bonuses!

Not only will you be getting everything described above, but look at all the "extras" you're going to get!

Bonus #1! - Plan Your Parties The Easy Way With This Quick And Easy Planner System.

BOOKParties can be great fun, but a good party can take a lot of planning.

It's Party Time is a quick and easy software tool which will generate a whole set of specially designed party planning forms to help you plan your parties with ease.

With your copy of It's Party Time, you can easily create...

• Shopping lists for food, decorations and music/activities

• Lists of preparations to be done before your party

• Comprehensive guest lists

• Complete food and drink plans

... and more

It also includes a special party budget calculator which will keep track of all you party expenses, automatically calculating totals and budget under/overuns for you.

It's Party Time can be used again and again to plan every party you hold in the future.

Since each party is recorded separately, you can keep records of every party you hold, ready to refer back to at any time in the future.

Bonus #2! - Plan Early for Christmas!


“Christmas Holidays: Ideas For Fun & Celebration” you get both an ebook and audio version to listen to.

Know how to organize the best Christmas holiday.

Surprise everyone with superb Christmas party ideas from the traditional to the contemporary ones.

Bonus #3! - Entertainment & Games for Home, Church, and School!


You CAN learn terrific and engaging games, activities, and sports to make your next event entertaining for ALL your guests, whether they are rich or poor, young or old.

With this bonus book of over 200 pages of games and activities, you will make your next holiday party, picnic, children's play date, or adult social gathering, fun and exciting for everyone!

We Stand Behind Our Products!


And Here's a 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to be 100% SATISFIED.

And I'm giving you my iron clad money back guarantee.

If you are not happy for any reason with my book you can cancel right up to the very last day.

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So what have you got to lose? Only the pain of hosting the worst party of the year!


Let Me Wrap This Up For You!
Here's what you'll be receiving with your order...

• Easy to Follow Party Planning Tips

• Party Ideas for all Seasons

• Super Fun Party Games with clear instructions

• Nothing Left out!

300 pages crammed with all my tips and ideas for your party and the most fun games your guests are going to love.

• Everything you need in one easy reference place!

This one ebook download has everything at your fingertips.



and then a few BONUSES....

Bonus #1! - Simple Party Planning Software

“Quick And Easy Planner System”
Includes a party budget calculator software for simple budgeting and planning checklist. Plan Your Parties The Easy Way With This Quick And Easy Planner System.


Bonus #2! - Plan Early for This Christmas

'Christmas Holidays: Ideas For Fun & Celebration
' in both ebook and audio book. Know How To Organize The Best Christmas. Surprise Everyone With A Superb Party & New Christmas Ideas From The Traditional To the Contemporary.


Bonus #3! - Entertainment & Games for Home, Church, and School

You CAN learn terrific and engaging games, activities, and sports to make your next party a great success.


ONLY $17 Today!


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When you get my "Great Time Party Games Encyclopedia" ebook and the planning bonus tools, you can finally start to relax and actually enjoy planning your next party. Yes, you too can now join in the fun and festivities at last!

To Your Next Party Success,

Nathalie Volinsky

P.S: You can do nothing and be as stressed out and miserable as always at your own parties, or you can take the steps to change all that by getting this instant download tool right now - even if its 3am.

There is no reason to delay, start planning to have some fun!


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