Party Games for Large Groups

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Party Games for Large Groups will help you entertain a larger group of guests guaranteeing lots of interesting and fun activities for all!


Make a hostile take-over bid for the other team!

You Will Need:
- 10 or more players

How To Play:

Players form two groups in opposite corners of the room. One person from each group now leaves the room, and outside these two decide together on an object.

They re-enter the room, but will each join the opposite team - the player from team A will join team B, and the player from team B will join team A.

The teams now fire questions at their visiting enemies to try and find out, as quickly as they can, what the object in question is.

The player, however, is restricted to answering only with "Yes" or "No", but they must give truthful answers.

Questions should be asked very quietly, so that the opponents from the other corner of the room can not obtain any clues and use them for their own purposes.

As soon as one team has found the correct answer, they clap their hands and claim both players as part of their team. Now each team sends another player outside, and the game continues in the same way.

Who Wins :

The winner is the team that manages to take over all the players from the other team. This could take some time, so you might want to set a time limit in advance and just count the number of players in each team at that point.


This is one of the best party games for large groups of guests. It requires some really quick thinking and helps you learn other peoples' names.

You Will Need:
- Any number of players - Pieces if string of equal size (one for each guest)

How To Play:

Pieces of string of equal size are handed to each guest. The guests form a circle. In the center of the circle stands the leader (the hostess may wish to start), holding the other end of each string.

Every guest in order calls out his or her name. Everybody must listen carefully and particularly try to remember the name of the person on his or her right.

The leader starts giving commands. Each guest must answer by doing the opposite of what the command says. Not only that, but each guest must imagine that he's not himself, but the player to his right.

For instance, when the leader says "All first names from A to M, drop the string", each player must do some really quick thinking that may go like this :

"I'm the person on my right and his name is Jonathan. So, I'm Jonathan now. The leader said all first names from A to M, so I'm in that group. The leader told everybody in that group to drop the string, but, in fact, we're suppose to do the opposite, so I'm NOT dropping the string".

If the person's name didn't fall in the above category he would, in fact have to do the opposite and drop the string.

Who Wins:

The game has no winners, but lots of laughter, confusion and fun guaranteed!

More party games for large groups coming soon .........

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