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Hot Potato

For some fast and exciting party games for boys, play Hot Potato. This is a great party favorite in which you need to pass the "hot potato" to the next player as quickly as possible or you're out of the game!

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A small potato, ball or stone

How To Play :

The players sit around in a circle facing inwards and one is chosen as leader. The leader steps into the middle of the circle.

Then an object, such as small potato, ball or a stone, is passed around from player to player. Each player must accept the object and pass it on very quickly.

As the object is passed, the leader closes his eyes or turns away. When the leader yells "Hot !", the player holding the object is out of the game.

The game is played over and over again until every player but one is out.

Who Wins :

The last player left in the game is the winner !

Note :
If you have more than 30 people wanting to play the game, you can form two or more circles. Each circle must have its own "potato" to pass around, but you need only one leader. The winners from each circle can then form a final circle, to see who is the grand winner.

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