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Party Amnesia

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Party Amnesia is one of the most entertaining and fun party games for adults. The players will need to figure out what's wrong with the other guests' appearance.

You Will Need :

- Any number of guests

- Pens and paper

Before The Party :

When you send out the invitations to your party, add a note explaining that every guest must come to the party incorporating something into their attire that indicates forgetfulness (see below for ideas).

How To Play :

Give each guest a pen and a piece of paper as they arrive and ask them to write down the forgetful feature of the other guests' appearance.

When everybody has had a chance to get a look at the other people, call the players together and get them to hand you their papers.

Read out the answers to the group and award a prize to the most observant player.

Of course, some players are bound to forget what they had to do when they show up for the party, but that won't stop others from perceiving some aspect of their appearance as obviously erroneous.

Not for sensitive souls!

Suggested Amnesiac Features :

- Different shoes - Buttons out of sync - Pants' zip undone - Jacket, but no shirt - Bra and jacket, but no blouse - Different socks - Slippers instead of shoes - Half-shaven face - Different earrings

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