Parenting Tip Toddler | Setting Up a Birthday Party for Your Child

by Sheryl

Setting up a birthday party for your child is no easy task, regardless of the child’s age. The easiest way is to have it in a venue that provides for almost everything. An establishment like McDonalds could offer party arrangements, from the food to the entertainment.

This type of arrangement is not cheap but that’s the cost for not having to worry or concern yourself with all the arrangements. Another venue may be a circus or carnival, but you must be on your toes and count the guests constantly. It is fairly easy to get lost in the crowd. This is not cheap either.

First off, you need to count the number of confirmed guests. Inviting a child means including the parents, or at least one. If you hold it in your home which may be a cheaper alternative, be sure that it can accommodate the number of guests, including adults.

Allocate a place in the home or yard for the children to play and eat. Set another place where the adults can sit and watch over their children. Watching from a distance provides the child with some freedom to interact with their friends and still ensures that they are not doing anything risky.

Provide chairs and tables for the children and adults. Children feel more comfortable sitting in a chair that is appropriate for their size. Tables should be low enough for them to sit and eat their food at ease.

You might be having parlor games which involve sitting down and doing some activities at the table, such as drawing, Bingo or making structures with Lego bricks.

Make sure the tables

and chairs are not wobbly or unstable. There’s nothing worse than having frisky children on wobbly chairs and unbalanced tables.

Children are naturally active and always on the go. Games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Hide and Seek may help keep them busy. Choose your games according to the age group of the children.

Don’t play a game for too long. A child’s attention span is short and they get bored easily. Give prizes to the winners of the game. Have a lot of purified water available. The children will be thirsty after those games.

Provide food for both, the children and the adults. Choose food that is easy to serve and clean afterwards. Sandwiches and ice cream are good dishes for parties. A birthday cake is a must.

Barbecues are a good approach to getting people to cook their own food. Try to use disposable glasses, plates and utensils. You will be grateful that you did so after the party’s over and you have to clean up. Plan for a simple, but enjoyable celebration.

Mingle with the guests. You’ll be busy attending to matters during the party and making sure everything is going well, but your company will also be appreciated among the guests. What counts most is the happiness of the child and the enjoyable time with the guests.

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