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Outdoor Party

Whether you're planning a kids party, going camping with your children or simply relaxing in the backyard with your family and friends, outdoor games for kids will help you keep the little ones entertained, active and having lots of fun!

Unfortunately, most of us have to wait till spring or summer to throw an outdoor party.

But if you're one of those lucky ones who live in a warm climate, where your kids can play in the backyard any time of year, outdoor games can be a great way to keep your children enjoying themselves while outside, providing them with plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Games can also turn an ordinary day in the park or a camping trip that could go either way in terms of fun into a truly memorable experience providing lots of fun interaction between kids of different ages and other family members alike.

Outdoor Fun

Fun outdoor group games and relays are a must for any outdoor kids party, be it a birthday party or a Sunday barbecue in the backyard with some friends.

Games will make it easy keeping a group of kids busy while you're putting some finishing touches in the kitchen or simply relaxing at the table with a glass of wine watching the little ones run around having a great time.

Outdoor Fun

Whatever the occasion or the budget may be, outdoor games for kids can provide you with lots of great and free ways to entertain your children while outdoors.

Choose the right games and no one is going to be bored! Guaranteed!


Foot-to-Foot Race - See if you can keep your balance and get to the finish line first! Ages 6 - 12.

More games coming soon........

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