Kids Indoor Party Games - They'll Have a Blast, You'll Get The Compliments!

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Kids indoor party games will be a great addition to any kids party, regardless of the age. Some games are so much fun, you'll even have the parents joining in!

Kids are a more difficult to please nowadays than they were years ago. Today's fast moving world requires them to be a lot more intelligent and learn a lot quicker than their parents ever had to.

Look at all the different toys and gadgets available to them today! (their parents don't even know what half of those gadgets do, by the way).

Kids today get a cell phone for their 6th birthday and start playing on the computer before they ever learn to speak.

How do you keep up with that?

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What's really cute about it, though, is that, with all the toys and all the cool gadgets, kids still remain kids.

They still love fairy tales, cartoons and believe in Santa Claus (thank God they didn't Google THAT one yet!)

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And of course, they always had and always WILL love playing games!

That's where our collection of Kids Indoor Party Games comes in to help you entertain your young guests indoors and remind them that no matter how demanding they may be, you always have a trick or two up your sleeve.


Animal Noises - Recognize which animal other player is imitating. Ages 2 - 10.

Connections - This game is going to transport the players into the land of fairy tales. Ages 8 - 12.

Hot Potato! - This is a great party favorite in which you need to pass the "hot potato" to the next player as quickly as possible or you're out of the game! Ages 6 - 12.

Musical Chairs - One of the best and most popular party games for children. Ages 6 - 12.

Name-It Ball - Name any item in a category specified by another player. Ages 6 - 12.

Pass The Portrait - Complete your own portion of a portrait, then see the funny results. Ages 4 - 12.

Penny Pitch - This is one of the favorite kids party games where players get to win small prizes by pitching the pennies. Ages 5 - 9.

Pull My Tail! - A fun game where the quickest player gets to keep his tail. Ages 2 - 10.

Sardines - This is "Hide and Seek" game, only backwards. Ages 6 - 12.

More games coming soon ..........

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