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Blind Man's Bluff

One of the favorite kids birthday party games in which you need to guess the identity of another player while blindfolded.

You Will Need :

- 8 players or more

- A blindfold

- Enough space for the players to form a wide circle

How To Play :

Choose one player to be the Blind Man and blindfold him.

All the players form a circle around the Blind Man with their hands joined. The players start moving in one direction until the Blind Man claps three times.

At that time, the players in the circle stop, and the Blind Man points to one of them and is given one guess to name that person.

If the Blind Man guesses correctly, the two players switch places, and if he guesses incorrectly, the player steps into the middle of the circle with the Blind Man.

The Blind Man stays blindfolded and tries to catch his chosen player, who in turn tries to avoid being caught. Once the Blind Man catches the player in the circle, he must try to identify the player by touching the player's clothing, hair, and other features (the player must stand still while the Blind Man does this).

When the player is correctly identified, the Blind Man removes the blindfold and joins the circle, and the identified player becomes the Blind Man.

The game continues until everyone has taken a turn being the Blind Man or until you're ready to move to another activity.

Note : if the game is too difficult with the Blind Man getting only one guess, allow three guesses instead.

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