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Human Bingo

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Indoor group games like Human Bingo guarantee to bring lots of fun interaction to your party.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A sheet of paper (letter-size) and a small slip of paper for each player

How To Play :

First, each player is given a sheet of paper and also a small slip of paper on which he writes his name. Then the host collects all the name slips in a small box, counts them and announces how many players there are.

After learning how many players will participate in the game, each player takes his big sheet of paper and draws a chart of squares on it.

If there are 9 to 15 players, he draws 3 squares in each direction, making a total of 9 squares.

If there are 16 to 24 players, he draws 4 squares horizontally and 4 squares vertically, giving it a total of 16.

If there are 25 to 35 players, 5 squares each way. If 36 or more players, use a chart with 6 squares each way, making it a total of 36 squares.

Now, each player takes his chart and walks around the room, asking everyone's names and writing them down in the squares in any order he prefers. However, he must write a DIFFERENT player's name in each square, and when he completed his chart, it should be completely filled.

Note: Some players' names may not be on the chart - as, for instance, with 19 players you will only have 16 squares with names.

When the charts are ready, the host reaches into the box and pulls out one slip at a time, calling out a name on the slip. The players then put an "X" through that name on their chart, if they have it.

Who Wins :

When one player has a complete string of crossed-out names on his chart in a straight line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, he shouts "Bingo!" and wins the game.

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