Great Icebreaker Ideas For Your Party

Checking Out The Competition

Party Balloons

For some great icebreaker ideas try Checking Out The Competition - the game that will give your guests an opportunity to show off their powers of observation.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- Sheets of paper containing 10 questions (see below for ideas)

- Pens

- A prize

How To Play :

The host pairs up the players in mixed couples.

Each player is given a sheet with questions to answer about their partner and a pen.

The two players stand back-to-back and write down their answers beside each question.

Once completed, they turn around, exchange papers and mark each other's answers.

Who Wins :

The couple with the highest score wins a prize!

Suggested List of Questions :

- What color is their hair? - How did they get to the party? - Are they wearing any rings? - What color are their eyes? - What do they do for a living? - Do they smoke? - What type of footwear are they wearing? - Do they have any siblings?

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