Great Party Icebreaker Games

Adam and Eve

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For some great party icebreaker games, try Adam and Eve - the ultimate icebreaker game: a fun party game which will ensure that everyone mixes and mingles.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- Sheets of paper with names of couples or things that belong together

- Safety pins

How To Play :

Before your guests arrive, prepare sheets of paper with names of pairs that belong together, for example, Adam and Eve or salt and pepper.

As each guest arrives, pin a sheet on their back so that everyone else can see their name, but they are unaware of their own identity. (Make sure you do not pin name pairs on guests that arrive together, or shortly after one another - this would make it way too easy).

If you have invited an uneven number of guests, you could always have a triple set, for example, The Three Musketeers.

Once all your guests have arrived and have their identity pinned to their back, ask them to find out who they are, and, at the same time, locate their partner(s).

To do this, each guest will have to walk around, read everyone else's label, and ask them questions about themselves, for example, "Am I dead or alive?", "Am I a human being?".

Who Wins :

If a guest thinks they know who they are, they should approach their assumed partner and check with him or her if their guess was right.

Every wrong guess counts as a point.

Stop the game at any point, and impose penalties on those who have not guessed who or what they are, and also on those who have made more than three incorrect guesses.

Everyone's identity should now be revealed.

If you play a partner game next, people could stay paired up as they are.

Variations Of The Game :

Last Names. Use first and last name pairs, as in Sadam & Hussein, Bill & Clinton. Add to the confusion by having some last names with two possible first names, like Donny and Mary Osmond or Katie and Sherlock Holmes.

More Ideas For Pairs :

Anthony & Cleopatra

Simon & Garfunkel

Ronald & Nancy Reagan

Edward & Mrs. Simpson

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Romeo & Juliet

Left & Right

Yes & No

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