Fun Party Ice Breakers

Who's Next?

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One of the best ice breakers to play at your party. This game will help your guests get acquainted and remember other people's names.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

How To Play :

The guests are all introduced and are seated in a circle. Just to make sure everyone has mastered everyone else's name, each guest says his name out loud one more time before the game begins.

The host, who is seated in a circle with his guests, suddenly points at one of them, mentioning his or her name and asking "Who's next?".

Now comes the catch. If the host points with his right hand, the player pointed at must immediately point to some other player on his RIGHT, and call his or her name. If the host points with his left hand, the player pointed at must point to another player on his LEFT. The second player may point with either hand.

So, Peter might point at Jennifer with his right hand and say "Jennifer, who's next?" Jennifer would then point at Mark, who is on her RIGHT, with her LEFT hand and say "Mark". Mark instantly points his right hand at Helen, who is on his left, saying "Helen". And so on.

Any player who points in the wrong direction, who forgets a name or falls to the ground beating with his fists, drops out of the game.

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