Ice Breaker Games - a Perfect Way to Get Your Party Started!

Hands in The Dark

Ice Breaker Games can help you get your party off to the best of starts, especially, if all or some of your guests have never met one another.

Ever arrived at the party, only to have your hostess show you in and "waltz" out of the room to greet other guests or to finish up other things, leaving you in a room with other people you've never met?

Remember those awkward glances and the silence?

Of course, you're a sociable person and you found something to say.

But you made a mental note for yourself, next time you're throwing a party to think of something to help your guests avoid feeling this uncomfortable.

Girl at The Party

The easiest way to achieve that (unless you can be in two or three places at the same time) is to find a couple of fun icebreakers for your guests to play, while you're putting some finishing touches on your party.


Those who've arrived early (or simply on time) can start an icebreaker game that won't take too long and, as new guests arrive, they can join a second or a third round of the game.


You, on the other hand, will have the prefect choice of joining the game with your guests or finishing up some things in the kitchen.

These party icebreakers are a great way to get the party started and provide your guests with a comfortable and fun way of getting acquainted.


Adam and Eve - The Ultimate Ice-Breaker: A great fun party game which will ensure that everyone mixes and mingles.

Autographs - Figure out who everyone on the guest list is and get their autographs!

Checking Out The Competition - This ice breaker game will give your guests the opportunity to show off their powers of observation while enabling them to fill in the gaps in their knowledge about the other guests.

Feelies - Guess what's in the basket by feeling the objects.

Four-Letter Words - This game is the perfect way to make your guests meet and mingle.

Get Rid of It! - In this game players need to choose a piece of their property that they would like to get rid of and list the reasons why. Ideal for early evening entertainment.

Odd Bean - Win the game by collecting the most beans.

Who Am I? - This is one of those fun get acquainted games where players need to find out who they ARE by asking other people questions.

Who's Next? - This game will help everyone remember other people's names.

More games coming soon ..............

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