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Black Magic

Halloween Night

For some fun Halloween party games, try Black Magic, a traditional and still one of the favorite Halloween games.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

How To Play :

Before the game begins a leader is selected. It is the leader's job to trick the other players into saying one of the Black Magic words. The words are "black", "white", "yes" and "no".

The leader may use any trick in trying to elicit a fatal answer from the other players. As the leader fires the questions at the guests, they must answer without delay.

The leader may be telling a story and interrupt it suddenly to ask a player, "Is that right?" A "yes" or "no" answer means the player is out of the game. Or "Is your name Cliff?" Or: "What is the color of snow?"

Who Wins :

The game continues until only one player remains. He becomes the leader for the next round.

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