Halloween Games for Adults

Haunted House

Halloween Night

Haunted House - one of the best halloween games for adults. It's a spooky game with ghosts haunting your house.

You Will Need:

- 10 or more players

- Large sheets for half of the players

How To Play:

Divide your guests into two teams: men and women.

The men's team (or Team A) should leave the room. The women's team (or Team B) are the ghosts and stay in the room.

Host or hostess will equip them with a large sheet per person. They should now adopt various positions anywhere in the room and drape the sheets over themselves.

When Team B is ready, Team A (men) comes back into the room. all the men have to try and recognize as many of the shapes as they can, telling each ghost their own name and who they think she is.

Who Wins:

Once everyone has made their guess, the female ghosts reveal their true identities, and award points for correct guesses. The winner is the man who recognized the largest number of ghosts.

Now reverse the game and send all the women out of the room, while the men become ghosts whose identities will have to be guessed by the women's team.

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