Group Party Games - The More The Merrier!


Group Party Games will help you come shining through as a great host or hostess making it easy to entertain a medium to large group of people at your party.

Whether you're a member of a really large family or simply blessed with a lot of friends, entertaining a larger group of people can be really tricky.

You may have no problems keeping your guests' attention in the beginning of the evening.

However, as things move along and time passes, people start breaking into groups of two or three, relocating to other more quiet corners of the house.

Some guests even start glancing at their watches trying to figure out when they can start getting ready to leave without appearing TOO rude.

When that starts happening, it can get quite difficult to keep an eye on everybody, making sure no one is bored and everyone is having a good time.

People at The Party

A great way to avoid this type of problem is to include some group party games intended for a larger group of people and make sure everyone is able to participate.

There are games for any occasion, from party games for family gatherings and holiday parties to adult football party games.

So if you're expecting a larger group of guests, games will help you include everybody in the proceedings and allow you to ensure your guests don't feel neglected and out of place.


Charades - Guess the phrase or sentence your team member is acting out, in the shortest period of time.

Follow The Leader - This game will help test your guests' power of observation.

Human Bingo - An old party favorite game where your Bingo squares are filled with names of other party guests.

Name That! - A great game to help those shy types join in with the fun.

Odd Bean - Win the game by collecting the most beans.

Take-Over - Make a hostile take-over bid for the other team!

Twenty Questions - Figure out what object the other player is thinking about in twenty questions.

More games coming soon .........

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