Group Icebreaker Game

Four-Letter Words

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Four-Letter Words is a great group icebreaker game! This game is a perfect way of getting your party guests mixing and mingling.

You Will Need:

- As many guests as possible

- Large sheets of paper, each with a letter written on it, prepared in advance.

- Safety pins

How To Play:

Before the party, prepare the sheets of paper, writing one large letter on each sheet.

To help you come up with ideas, think of four-letter words, including normal, unusual and even rude ones, if you wish. Then use all the letters in these words.

As your guests arrive, randomly pin a letter on each one. Ask them to find three other people whose letters, together with their own, make up an interesting word. Set a time limit, so you know when to stop.

Who Wins:

When the time is up, get your guests to stand in groupe of four to present their word.

Everyone else can judge the result, and give points for originality. Unusual or rude words get extra points.

If one person - and their letter - features in several words, they also get extra points. Points could also be deducted for boring and predictable words, of if two groups present the same word. The winner is the group with the most points.

Ideas For Words:

Idea, Game, Sexy, Nice, Best, Type, Rose, Bird, Tale, Apex, Afar, Bank, Buzz, Card, Clan, Deal, Glue, Haze, Hunk, King, Lava, Luck, Maze, Moor, Rich, Riot, Sane, Warp, Whip, Yarn, Zoom.

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