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Twenty Questions

One of the favorite group games to play at any party! Figure out what object the other player is thinking about in twenty questions.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

How To Play :

One player thinks of something that is either an animal, vegetable or mineral.

After she has decided what it will be, she asks the group of players to guess what it is. Knowing that there are only twenty questions in which to guess the correct answer, the players should be very selective in their questions.

The players have to keep in mind that their questions have to be posed in such a way that the answer can be only "yes" or "no.

The game can be made easy or difficult depending on the experience of the participants.

Besides using actual animals, vegetables or minerals, the objects to be guessed can be even remotely derived from the three categories. For example, fabric (vegetable), The Grand Canyon (mineral), pair of skiis (vegetable).

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