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Follow The Leader

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One of the really good party games to play is Follow The Leader. This game will help test your guests' power of observation.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A bell, claxon, drum or other instrument to make a noticeable noise.

How To Play :

Explain to your guests that tonight that have to pay attention because in half and hour or so you will ring a bell.

When they hear the noise everyone has to ensure their drink is in their left hand (or anything else you agree on).

The next time the warning bell sounds, they have to switch their drink to their right hand, and change hands every time the bell rings.

Let the other players know that you will be watching them closely and anyone caught drinking with the wrong hand will be penalized with a forfeit (you need to decide what it will be) or a drinking penalty.

To give yourself a break, you can promote a "loser" to the role of game "leader" for the next round. This time, they are the person to ring the bell.

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