Girls Party Games - Connections

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For some great girls party games play Connections. This game is going to transport the players into the land of fairy tales.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A card for each player

Preparation :

Write names of the characters on one set of cards and the object names on the other set (see below for examples).

How To Play :

Once players have a card in hand, they take off to find their partners and to establish a connection between a famous character and the object he or she is famous for.

Who Wins :

You can award a prize to the first pair players who find each other, but it's much more fun to allow a certain set time for this game, so that more players can find their partners and enjoy the game.

Character and Object Examples :

Aladdin - the lamp

Cinderella - glass slipper

Robin Hood - bow and arrow

King Arthur - round table

Sleeping Beauty - spindle

Snow White - glass coffin

Eve - apple

Cleopatra - asp

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