Get Acquainted Games for Your Gathering!

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These are the best get acquainted games! The perfect ice breakers for your party when most of your guests are strangers to each other.


Figure out who everyone on the guest list is and get their autographs!

You Will Need:
- Any number of players - Pencil for each player - A copy of your party guest list for each player

How To Play:

Give each player a copy of a guest list. Each person goes around, talks to other guests and tries to find out who everyone is. The printed lists of names give them a start. Then they must learn who belongs to each name.

As they do this, the players get each guest to autograph the piece of paper. For example, if one of the names on the list is Kate Leary, the other guests will have to get Kate to sign beside the typed "KATE LEARY".

Who Wins:

The first player to get the complete list of names with correct signatures wins!

Who Am I?

Find out who you ARE by asking other people questions.

You Will Need:
- Any number of players - Slips of paper with safety pins on them (one for each player)

Preparation: - Write the names of well-known people, living or dead, on the slips of paper.

How To Play:

As guests arrive, pin the slips of paper on their backs without showing them the name on the front. Naturally, they can see the names pinned to everyone else's back, but not their own.

Next, the players have to try to find out their own identities from each other by asking any question except "What's my name?". Answers can be given only in the form of "Yes" or "No". Players can not ask the same person more than one question at a time. They must go from one person to another.

When players think they know who they are, they don't say anything, but go to the leader for confirmation. Here they can finally ask a direct question "Am I Sherlock Holmes?" If players guess wrong, they go back to asking questions. After players guess correctly, they rejoin the game as "answerers".

The host can keep a record of the order in which players guess their identity and declare a winner a little later.

Note: it may be a good idea to cover or remove all mirrors in the room.

Zip Zap

A fun party game that will help your guests get acquainted with each other very quickly.

You Will Need:
- Any number of guests

How To Play:

Players form a circle. One player is chosen to be "It" and stands in the middle of it.

Then everyone in the circle, going clockwise, takes a turn calling out his or her name. Each player tries to remember the name of the player on his or her right and left.

Then the leader suddenly points a finger at a player - say Jason - and says "ZIP, one, two, three, four, five." At this Jason must answer by giving a name of the player to his left.

If the leader said, "ZAP - one, two, three, four, five," Jason's answer must be the name of the person on his right.

If Jason doesn't give the answer before the count of five, then he has missed and becomes "It", while the previous "It" takes Jason's place in the circle.

If Jason gives the right name before the count of five is reached, then "It" remains where he or she is and points to another player.

You need to make sure the players understand that "ZIP" means the person on the left and "ZAP" means the person on the right.

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