Fun Games For Adults - The Blanket Game

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The Blanket Game is one of the most popular games for adults where a player needs to guess what object in question he has on him and pass it to the rest of the players.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A big blanket

How To Play :

A player is selected and invited to seat in the middle of the room underneath a huge blanket.

He is told he has something ON him he must pass to the rest of the party and he won't be released until he has produced the correct object.

As the game progresses, out comes one garment after another until the poor player sitting naked underneath the blanket - not having realized that the sought-after object was, in fact, the blanket itself.

The game can only be played once in an evening and, even then, the "victim" must be chosen with care.

The adventurous host may prefer to put TWO people underneath the blanket at the same time - of the opposite or the same sex, depending on the kind of party it is.

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