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50th Birthday Party Games

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In this fun party game you have to be very careful answering questions. Answer "yes" or "no" and you're out of the game!

You Will Need :
- Four or more players - Timer

How To Play :

Choose a "victim" by tossing a coin. Now, the player to the left of the victim starts by questioning them.

Questions should always start off with "I saw you at the ... yesterday, and I believe you ... . Is that so?" Thus the player could be told "I saw you at the restaurant yesterday and I believe you were flirting with one of the waitresses. Is that so ?"

As soon as the victim starts to answer, set the timer. The victim has to answer all the questions, but without ever saying "Yes", "No", "I" and without any hesitation.

The questioner, meanwhile, will continue to bombard the victim with whole bunch of questions as long as the timer runs. The questions will always be designed to try and get a response which includes the banned words, and, of course, speed helps to confuse the victim.

Who Wins :

Inevitably, the victim will fail, if sufficient pressure is exerted on them. Once they have said one of the banned words, they should be asked to perform some hideous forfeit. Should they last the course, however, they are released, and the role of victim passes to the next person.

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