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For some great funny games adult guests will love to play at a party, try Controversy. This game is a perfect way to help your guests get rid of early evening shyness and reservation.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- 2 or 3 "controversial items" (a condom, an edible underwear, escort service business card, miniature bottle of vodka etc.)

- A dark, non see-through bag

How To Play :

When guests arrive, ask them to put two small personal items into a bag. The items must be placed in the bag without anyone seeing who put them.

Once the players have put their things in the bag, mix them around and add in a couple of "controversial items" that don't belong to anyone.

Start the game by taking an item out of the bag and asking the group to guess who the item belongs to. Start with something fairly "innocent" like a lipstick or a handkerchief and gradually move on to more personal items.

When you're about halfway around the group take out the first controversial item and watch everybody trying to figure out who it belongs to. When the selected player denies possession of the embarrassing item, keep the game moving, not mentioning that you were the one who put that item in the bag in the first place.

Keep moving around the group and try to include at least one more controversial item in your game.

As a host or hostess, you may subtly steer the guessing of who the embarrassing items belong to away from those amongst your guests who won't enjoy being the target of this type of joke, towards the ones who will enjoy it and won't mind if others have a few laughs at their expense.

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