Funny Bridal Shower Games

Big Balls

Party Girls

Need some funny bridal shower games for your party? Play Big Balls and see which player gets to the finish line first having a lemon dangling between their legs.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- Four pairs of old pantyhose

- Four lemons

How To Play :

Have two pairs of old pantyhose (keep extra pairs on hand just in case) and four lemons ready.

Drop one lemon into just one leg of each pair, set aside the extra two lemons.

Divide your guests in half. One member from each team ties the pantyhose around their waist, so that the socked lemon dangles between their legs at knee level.

Place the other lemon on the floor in front of each team.

The objective is to keep swinging their pantyhose lemon until they knock the free lemon across a designated line in the room.

Mark the Start and Finish line or simply agree that the lemon must touch the opposite wall of room.

Once a player finished whacking their lemon across the room, they give their pantyhose to the next player on their team who now has to knock the loose lemon to the opposite line.

Keep the ball rolling until all the members of one team had a complete turn.

Who Wins :

The team that finishes first is the winner!

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