Fun Youth Group Games

Name That

For some fun youth group games, try Name That. This game can, of course, be played by groups of any ages and is a great game to help those shy types join in with the fun.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

How To Play :

The party host (that might be you) picks a category and starts the game. He chooses any subject on which you can form an A to Z list.

For example, film stars, famous novels, animals, countries, the possibilities are endless.

The turn then passes round the group in a clockwise direction.

So if the host has chosen "animals" as your category, he might start with "alligator", which could be followed with "baboon", "crab", "duck", "emu" and so on ...

A player who hesitates, makes a mistake or who is unable to add to the list is out of the game.

Keep playing further rounds until only one player is left or until you are ready to move on.

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