Fun Party Games A to Z!

Fun party games and activity ideas for all ages and all occasions!

If you're looking for some fun party games and activity ideas that will add lots of spark, joy and laughter to your gathering and wouldn't require any lengthy and complicated planning, you've come to the right place!

Browse this Party Games A to Z collection for some easy to set up and entertaining party game ideas your guests are going to love!


Adam and Eve - The Ultimate Ice-Breaker: One of the best fun party games which will ensure that everyone mixes and mingles.

Animal Noises
- Recognize which animal other player is imitating. Ages 2 - 12.

Apple Bobbing - The original and still the best game for Halloween Party with the twist.

Are You Game? - All the action takes place before the party, with the winner crowned at the beginning of the evening's festivities.

Armful of Babies - This is a race to see who can diaper the most flour babies.

Artist - Try to draw an object holding the pencil with your toes. Ages 4 - 12.

Autographs - Figure out who everyone on the guest list is and get their autographs !


Baby Bottle Contest! - This is probably one of the most popular fun party games for any baby shower in which you get to be a baby again.

Balloon Head - See how long you can keep a balloon in the air without touching it with your hands. Ages 6 - 12.

Balloon Pop Game - A great game that will allow each child to win a small prize. Ages 5 - 12.

Balloon Stomp - A version of Mexican Hat Dance that's more fun and lively than the old-fashioned game. Ages 6 - 12.

Ballroom Blitz - This flirtatious game is a fun and musical version of the Statues for adults.

Banana Race - In this game players race to put a condom on a banana with their eyes closed.

Big Balls - See which player gets to the finish line first having a lemon dangling between their legs.

Black Magic - In this game you need to answer the questions as quickly as possible without using any of the "Black Magic" words.

Blind Card Flip - This game is a great way to get the party going and doesn't require any preparation.

Blind Man's Bluff - One of the favorite fun party games for kids in which you need to guess the identity of another player while blindfolded. Ages 6 - 12.

Botticelli - You can be anyone you want, as long as you're not Botticelli.

Bridal Bingo - The unwrapping of gifts becomes one of the most creative and fun party games and a bingo pull for the guests.

Broom Dance - In this funny and entertaining party mixer you need to be very quick choosing a dance partner or you'll end up dancing with the broom !


Charades - Guess the phrase or sentence your team member is acting out, in the shortest period of time.

Checking Out The Competition - This fun party game will give your guests the opportunity to show off their powers of observation while enabling them to fill in the gaps in their knowledge about the other guests.

Chocolate Race - For some energetic and full of action Christmas games to play, try Chocolate Race, which is by far the tastiest game you could play at your party! Ages 6 - 12.

Christmas Carols - In this game you need to put together parts of a Christmas song or a carol. Ages 6 - 12.

Christmas Memory Game - In this fun party game, full of Christmas spirit, players need to test their memories ! Ages 6 - 12.

Compound Words - Win the game by coming up with as many compound words as you can!

Concentration - This game is an excellent test of memory where you need to watch the cards as closely as possible to be able to draw two of a kind.

Connections - This game is going to transport the players into the land of fairy tales. Ages 8 - 12.

Controversy - This fun party game for adults is perfect for helping your guests to get rid of early evening shyness and reservation.

Cookie Contest - Win the contest by tasting cookies and guessing what kind they are. Ages 4 - 10.

Cooking Up Dinner - Who knew that a take-out dinner can be this much fun?


Dead-Pan - One of the best birthday party games for teens ! Follow the leader. See how quick you can be. And don't even dare to smile!

Dressed To Thrill - In this game, for the more adventurous souls, teams compete for the title of the best designer.


Elbow-Coin Competition - Catch as many coins as you can when they fall off your elbow.

Execution - See if your quick reaction helps you stay alive!


Fancy Dude - In this relay game teams have to dress up their captains as quickly as possible to win the game.

Fancy Pants - This fun party game guarantees to bring laughter to your party as you'll be watching your friends putting on some ridiculous pieces of clothing.

Feather Up! - See how long your team can keep a feather up in the air. Ages 8 - 12.

Feelies - Guess what's in the basket by feeling the objects.

Follow The Leader - This game will help test your guests' power of observation.

Foot-to-Foot Race - See if you can keep your balance and get to the finish line first! Ages 6 - 12.

Four-Letter Words - This game is the perfect way to make your guests meet and mingle.


Get Rid of It! - In this game players need to choose a piece of their property that they would like to get rid of and list the reasons why. Ideal for early evening entertainment.

Gold Coin Toss - Win the game by making the most coins go into the bucket. Ages 8 - 12.

Guess! - Guess what the object or phrase is from the picture. Ages 4 - 14.

Guess The Authors - Win the game by guessing who the quote belongs to.


Haunted House - A spooky game with ghosts haunting your house.

Hot Potato - This is a great party favorite in which you need to pass the "hot potato" to the next player as quickly as possible or you're out of the game! Ages 6 - 12.

How Is It? - This is a fun guessing game that can be played conservatively and not so much, depending on the mood.

Human Bingo - An old party favorite game where your Bingo squares are filled with names of other party guests.


In Six Steps - Remember the theory of Six Steps ? Test it in action!

Inquisition - In this fun party game you have to be very careful answering questions. Answer "yes" or "no" and you're out of the game!


Kiss of Death - This is one of the all-time classic party games enjoyed by would-be detectives and actors alike.


Light and Shade - In this game the players need to recognize the shadow behind the curtain.

Lion Taming - Catch the lion before he catches YOU! Ages 5 - 10.

Look Out - This is a party "I-Spy" game where stealth and cunning are the keys to victory.


Magnetism - In this game you need to be able to pick up a piece of tissue and pass it on to your teammate using the straw.

Matchboxing - Pass a matchbox to the next player in line using your nose.

Musical Chairs - One of the best fun party games for children. Ages 6 - 12.

Mystery Tour - Guess which place you're going to visit in the next 15 minutes by asking other players different questions about it.


Name-It Ball - Name any item in a category specified by another player. Ages 6 - 12.

Name That! - A great game to help those shy types join in with the fun.


Odd Bean - Win the game by collecting the most beans.

Opposites - This fun party game requires some really quick thinking and helps you learn other guests' names.


Pants - In this funny dress up game players need to put as many pairs of underwear on as they can while blindfolded.

Paranoia - Guess the common factor the other players came up with behind your back.

Party Amnesia - Figure out what's wrong with other guests' appearance.

Pass The Orange - One of the all-time favorite childrens birthday party games which promotes a certain closeness between the players.

Pass The Portrait ! - Complete your own portion of a portrait, then see the funny results. Ages 4 - 12.

Penny Pitch - This is one of the favorite kids party games where players get to win small prizes by pitching the pennies. Ages 5 - 9.

Pickle Race ! - In this game players need to eat the pickle that's hanging on the string without using their hands.

Proverb Pairs - One of the great and easy Christmas party games to play at any holiday gathering.

Pull My Tail! - A fun game where the quickest player gets to keep his tail. Ages 2 - 10.


Sardines - This is "Hide and Seek" game, only backwards. Ages 6 - 12.

Saucy Simon Says - An adult version of the famous children's game.

Secret Words - in this game the players try to force their opponents to use a word they have chosen.

Similes - In this game you need to find a person who's holding a card with the second part of your simile.

Sitcom Challenge - An easy-to-play and fun party game that will test your guests' knowledge of popular culture.

Sounds Sexy - In this game you need to think of as many sexy words as possible, each beginning with the last letter of the previous word.

Suitcase - A relay game where players need to put clothes on and take them off as fast as they can.


Taboo - This is one of the all-time favorite party games that will guarantee lots of fun time!

Take-Over - Make a hostile take-over bid for the other team !

The Blanket Game - Guess what object in question you have ON you and pass it to the rest of the players.

The Dancer - Create your own dance for others to imitate. Ages 4 - 14.

The Fame Game - In this fun party game the players need to guess the name of a celebrity other player is describing.

Twenty Questions - Figure out what object the other player is thinking about in twenty questions.


Up Jenkins! - In this game you need to figure out which player is holding the coin.


What's In The Stocking? - Have the players squeezing the content of your Christmas stocking trying to guess what's inside. Ages 5 - 14.

Where Is My Banana? - This game can be played for drinks, for forfeits or just for fun.

Who Am I? - Find out who you ARE by asking other people questions.

Who Is The Baby? - Guess which baby photo is of which guest.

Who's Next? - This game will help everyone remember other people's names.

William Tell Race - In this game players compete balancing an apple of top of their heads.


Zip Zap - A fun party game that will help your guests get acquainted with each other very quickly.

More fun party games coming soon ........

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