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Odd Bean

Party Favors

For some fun ice breakers or group games for your party, play Odd Bean where you win the game by collecting the most beans.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- 12 beans for every player, plus some extras (just in case)

- Small bags (plastic sandwich bags are fine), one for each player

Preparation :

Measure out the beans, putting 12 in each plastic bag, so you can hand them to the guests as they arrive.

How To Play :

Opening his bag of beans, one player - let's say Nick - puts a few beans in one fist, stretches it out toward another player and asks, "Odds or evens?".

If the other player - Andrea - guesses correctly that Nick's closed fist has an odd number of beans in it, she collects those beans.

If she guesses wrong, she has to turn over that many beans to Nick.

The object is to collect as many beans as possible.

Who Wins :

When you want to stop playing, the winner is the one with the most beans.

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