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Where Is My Banana?

Ladies Dressed Up for The Party

One of the fun bridal shower games to play at your party is Where Is My Banana ? This great game can be played for drinks, for forfeits or just for fun.

You Will Need :

- A banana

- Some music

How To Play :

One player is chosen to be "it" (if you're a host, you may want to volunteer to go first) and another acts as DJ.

Sit the remainder of the guests in a circle. Players should sit close to one another with their knees up, feet on the floor and hands behind their backs.

One player is given a banana and when the DJ starts playing the music, the banana is passed around behind everyone's backs.

You sit in the middle of the circle trying to work out exactly where the banana is.

It can be moved forwards and backwards; and all the players must try to confuse you by pretending they have the banana.

When the music stops, you have to guess who has the fruit.

If you guessed correctly, you join the circle and the player in possession of the banana becomes "it" for the next round.

If you are wrong, you must take forfeit.

Suggested Forfeits :

- Eat the banana singing a Madonna song.

- Eat the banana and wash it down with an alcoholic drink by the time the group has counted to ten).

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