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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs - One of the best and most popular free children party games!

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- Chairs, one less than the number of players

- Music

Preparation :

Line up a row of chairs with alternate chairs facing in opposite directions. If one seat of one chair is facing north, then the seat of the chair next to it should face south.

How To Play :

As soon as the music starts, all the players begin to walk around the chairs.

Suddenly, the music stops. There is a big scramble for seats. One player is left without a seat, and that player must leave the game.

Then one chair is taken away, so there is still one chair less than the number of players.

The music starts again. The players walk around the chairs and then the music stops again.

All try to grab a seat. The player without a chair leaves the game and another chair is removed.

This goes on until there are two players walking around one chair.

Who Wins :

When the music stops, the player who gets into the last chair first, wins.

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