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Are You Game?

Bachelorette Party

For some truly fun and free bachelorette games, try Are You Game? In this game all the action takes place before the party, with the winner being crowned at the beginning of the evening's festivities.

You Will Need :

- A Prize

- Checklist (which may be sent out with party invitations or simply e-mailed to each guest) (See check list ideas below)

How To Play :

Send out a checklist of the things each guest must do the week before the party.

They, in turn, must arrive on party night with evidence that they have succeeded in their trials.

Mobile phones with integrated cameras should make this particularly easy.

Who Wins :

The guest with the most impressive haul of evidence wins a prize!

Suggested Checklist :

- Send an e-mail to an unknown person (from a mailing list or from top of a message sent to you by a third party) asking for a date (a printout of their response counts as an evidence).

- Buy a random person a drink in a bar (written testimony - a signed beer mat or a receipt - or photograph will suffice here).

- Have your photo taken with a policeman or a firefighter.

- Get the autographs (and ideally photographs) of as many barmaids/barmen as possible as you can.

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