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Look Out

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This is one of the most entertaining free adult party games. An "I-Spy" game where stealth and cunning are the keys to victory.

You Will Need:

- Ten or More Players

- Lists of Objects Hidden In The House

- Pens

How To Play:

Before the party, draw up a list of objects in the house. These may be unusual things, for example, an ashtray from a famous restaurant or a photograph of the family's dog, which you have placed somewhere, but they may also be part of your general household furnishings.

Divide the list into three sections: give 5 points for very obvious objects, 10 for those that are more difficult to find, and 20 for those that only the truly eagle-eyed will spy.

Make copies of these lists and hand them and a pen to each guest (or a couple) as they arrive. Now get the guests to try and locate all the items on the list.

As soon as they have spotted something, they have to write down accurately on their lists where the object is positioned/hidden. They have to do this, though, without leading other guests to the hiding places, and without letting them copy anything.

Who Wins:

After a pre-set time, the host or hostess needs to collect all the lists and award points depending on the accuracy of the descriptions. The winner is the person (or couple) to have the most correct answers.

Variations Of The Games:

Divide your guests into two teams, or if you have a bunch of garden enthusiasts among your friends, why not make this a specialist outdoor game?

Everyone will have to spot and identify your plants - using Latin names to make it extra difficult!

You could, in fact, adapt the game to any specialist group. Get a group of art historians, to hunt for paintings books and posters, or ask hockey fanatics to find different bits of hockey memorabilia and trivia strategically placed around the house.

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