Dress Up Games for Teenagers

These dress up games for teenagers will guarantee to add lots of fun and laughter to your party. Some games are slightly more risque than others, so choose the ones that will suit your party the best.

Dressed To Thrill

In this game, for the more adventurous souls, teams compete for the title of the best designer.

You Will Need :
- Any number of players - Rolls of toilet paper - Plastic garbage bags - Safety pins - Tape

How To Play :

Divide the players into two teams - boys against girls works best. Each team selects one player to be their model and has 5 minutes to give their chosen "victim" a makeover.

The boys are given two plastic garbage bags, some tape and safety pins; their task is to make an outfit for their human mannequin that vaguely resembles a wedding dress and optional veil.

Using the toilet paper, the girls must design their model's outfit, so that she resembles an Egyptian mummy. Depending on the level of modesty, bulky clothes can be removed prior to makeover, which makes it a lot more fun.

Who Wins :

At the end of the game, the party host or hostess must judge the outfits and select the winner!

Fancy Pants

This dress up game for teenagers guarantees to bring laughter to your party as you'll be watching your friends putting on some ridiculous pieces of clothing.

You Will Need :
- Any number of players - A bag full of undergarments - Some music

Preparation :

Before the party you must put together a bag full of assorted undergarments. Try to include different types of garments : grey boxer shorts, white briefs, leopard-skin thong, pink bra, garter belts, bikinis etc.

How To Play :

Place your items in a plastic bag and seat your guests in a circle. Put some music on and, when everybody's ready, start the underwear-filled bag on its path around the circle, from one player to another.

When the music stops, the player holding the bag must take an item from it and put it on, over his or her clothes.

The game continues until there is no more undergarments left in the bag; at which point your guests will be sitting around looking downright funny and ridiculous!

Now, you may propose taking a group picture although your guests might have to kill you to make sure it doesn't get around!


A relay game where players need to put clothes on and take them off as fast as they can.

You Will Need :
- Any even number of players - 2 suitcases full of old clothes (one for each team)

How To Play :

Two teams line up at the starting line. About 15 feet (5 m) away stand two suitcases full of clothing. The suitcases must contain similar articles of clothing. For instance, if you have a hat, a skirt, a jacket, a tie, a scarf, a belt in one suitcase, you must have the same items in the other.

At a signal, the first person on each team runs to the team's suitcase and opens it. The player dresses in all the clothes in the suitcase, closes the suitcase and runs back to the starting line, carrying the suitcase.

There he or she takes off all the clothes and puts them back in the suitcase, closes it, and runs back to leave it in its original position. Then the player runs back to the team and tags off the second player in line, who goes through the same actions. This continues until every player has had a turn.

Who Wins :

The team whose players finish first wins!


In this funny dress up game for teenagers players need to put as many pairs of underwear on as they can while blindfolded.

You Will Need :
- Any number of players - Lots of underwear - Two blindfolds

How To Play :

Divide the group into pairs (mixed couples are best). One couple plays at a time while a remainder of the group sits back and admires the action (or laughs at them).

The two active players are blindfolded and taken to the center of the room (clear away any obstacles or anything breakable). The pair is then given 2 minutes and pile of underwear, which they must try to put on over their clothes one by one. The players can help one another and take turns at putting on the pants.

At the end of 2 minutes the blindfolds are removed and the underwear is counted.

Who Wins :

The couple who managed to put on the most underwear wins.

Fancy Dude

In this relay game teams have to dress up their captains as quickly as possible to win the game.

You Will Need :
- Any even number of players - 2 sets of old clothes, with similar articles in them (one for each team)

How To Play :

Divide the group into equal teams. Each team chooses a captain who stands about 15 feet (5 m) away.

At a signal, the first player on each team runs up to the captain and puts a piece of clothing on him or her, such as a hat, shoe, scarf, handbag etc. Then this player runs back and tags the second player on the team.

The second player runs to the captain, adds another article of clothing and runs back to tag the next player. The third player dresses the captain some more and so on, until each member of the team has added an item of clothing or until the pieces of clothing are finished.

Who Wins :

The team who finishes first wins!

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