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Proverb Pairs

Proverb Pairs is one of the great and easy Christmas party games to play at your holiday gathering.

You Will Need :

- Any even number of players

- A card for each player with half a proverb written on it

Preparation :

Write half a proverb on each card (see below for proverb examples).

How To Play :

When your party is ready for game that requires partners, hand out the proverb cards to the players.

The players have a set amount of time to find their pair and put the proverb together.

Who Wins :

The winners are the players who put together a proverb first.

Note : if you have an odd number of guests, feel free to divide one of the proverbs into three parts instead of two. In this case, you will need to mention to your guests that one of the proverbs consists of three parts.

Proverb Examples :

- A friend in need is a friend indeed. - A watched pot never boils. - Absence makes the heart grow fonder. - Actions speak louder than words. - He who laughs last laughs best. - Practice makes perfect. - Rome wasn't built in a day. - There is no place like home.

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