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Chocolate Race

For some energetic and full of action Christmas games to play, try Chocolate Race, which is by far the tastiest game you could play at your party!

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- Two dice and a shaker

- An old hat, scarf and pair of gloves

- Knife, fork and plate

- A large chocolate bar

- A chair (a wooden or metal one without cushions)

How To Play :

Put the knife, fork and chocolate on the plate and place it on a chair. Lay the hat, scarf and gloves by the side.

All the children sit in a circle. One has the dice in the shaker. Each player throws the dice in turn as the shaker is passed round the circle.

As soon as the player throws a double, he rushes to the chair, puts on the hat, scarf and gloves, and begins to unwrap the chocolate. If he gets that far, he breaks off a piece of chocolate with a knife and fork and eats it.

However, while this first player is trying to do that, the rest are passing round the shaker, and as soon as another player throws a double, he shouts "Double!" and rushes to the chair himself.

The player trying to eat the chocolate must immediately put down the knife and fork and take off the hat, scarf and gloves, laying them on the floor by the chair. He then rejoins the circle at the place where the player who called "Double!" sat.

Meanwhile, the player who threw the double is now at the chair, putting on the hat, scarf and gloves, and attempting to cut off a piece of chocolate himself to eat.

The game ends when the chocolate is eaten.

Note : It doesn't take very long to throw doubles, so if the game gets too prolonged, you could dispense with the gloves, which should help the players reach the chocolate faster.

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