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Christmas Memory Game

For some festive Christmas games for kids, add Christmas Memory Game to your party mix. In this game full of Christmas spirit players need to test their memories!

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A large tray and a cloth to cover it

- 15 or 20 small objects (see below for ideas)

- Paper and pencil for each player

- A watch for timing

Preparation :

On a tray, spread out up to 20 small objects and cover them with a cloth.

How To Play :

Arrange teams if required. Give each player (or a team) paper and pencil.

Produce the covered tray and tell the players that you have a number of objects on it.

Remove the cloth for 45 seconds, during which time the players must remember as many objects as they can. Then cover the tray again and give the players 4 minutes to write down every item they remember.

Note : players are not allowed to write down the names of the objects during the "memorizing" period.

Who Wins :

Uncover the tray. The winner is the person who remembered most objects.

Suggested Items to Put On The Tray :

- Christmas card - Small Christmas ball - Christmas ornament - Gingerbread Man - Snowflake ornament - Small candle - Candy cane - Nutcracker ornament - Noise maker - Calendar page - Red bow - Jingle bell - CD with Christmas songs - Christmas star - Poinsettia leaf - Small Santa figurine - Small reindeer figurine - Gift box - Small Christmas tree - Snowman ornament

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