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Christmas Carols

For some truly festive Christmas game ideas for kids try Christmas Carols in which you need to put together parts of a Christmas song or a carol.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A card for each set of partners (for each pair) with the first line of a Christmas carol or a song written on it.

Preparation :

Select songs that are well-known to everyone. Write up the song line in two sections. Then cut each card so that each half reveals half of the song line.

How To Play :

Hand out the song cards to the players.

The players then take off to find the person who's holding the other part of their song line.

Who Wins :

You can either set a time for this game or award a prize to the first person to find their partner and put the line together.

Note : You can change things up by making the cards contain a complete song line, so that the players will have to put together a two-liner as oppose to just one.

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