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Cooking Up Dinner

Ladies Dressed Up for The Party

Make sure you include Cooking Up Dinner in your bridal shower games to play. Who knew that a take-out dinner can be this much fun?

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A medium-sized box

- A prize that will fit in that box

- Gift wrap

- A pair of dice

- Chef's clothing: an apron, two pairs of oven mitts and a chef's hat (if you don't have a real one, use the paper one instead)

How To Play :

Put a prize in a box. Tightly and securely wrap the box with 15 layers of gift wrap and some occasional curling ribbon.

Players sit on the floor in a circle. Tell the group that they burnt dinner and guests are expected. Now they have to serve take-out as home cooked before their unsuspecting honey and guests arrive.

To start, give a player (your chef) the wrapped present (the "to-go" box) and the apron, oven mitts, and chef's hat.

Give a pair of dice to the player sitting left of your chef. At the word "Go!", the player with the dice continuously rolls the dice until she gets doubles.

At the same time, the chef must quickly put on the chef's outfit, then try to unwrap the box one layer at a time - all before the dice player rolls doubles.

When doubles are rolled, everything gets passed left to the next player. Now it's the former dice player's turn to rush into the cook's outfit and try to open the to-go box while the new dice holder rolls for doubles.

Who Wins :

Whoever successfully opens the box keeps the prize inside.

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