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Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo is a great game where the unwrapping of gifts becomes one of the most entertaining bridal shower games and a bingo pull for the guests.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- A Bingo card for each player

- Beans

- A few small prizes

Preparation :

To prepare for this game, ask the Bride not to open any presents she receives before the shower. You need at least 15 unopened gifts to play.

Create a blank Bingo card (5 squares horizontally and 5 squares vertically, middle square should be left empty) for every person attending the shower.

Fill in the squares with gifts that were on the Bride's gift registry. Vary the placement of the gifts from square to square so that no card is exactly alike.

How To Play :

When it's time to open gifts, give everyone a Bingo card and a handful of beans. If the Bride opens a present that's a toaster oven, guests look on their cards for the words "toaster oven" and put a bean on that square in their card.

Who Wins :

The guest who is first to have beans in either horizontal or vertical row shouts "Bingo !". The hostess verifies the win and awards the guest a prize.

The bride continues opening gifts and guests keep racing to declare bingo until all gifts have been opened.

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