Birthday Party Games for Children

Pass The Orange!

Happy Birthday Balloons

One of the all-time favorite childrens birthday party games which promotes a certain closeness between the players.

Ages 5 - 12

You Will Need :

- Any number of players (divided into two teams)

- Two oranges

How To Play :

Two teams are selected and each team forms a line.

The first player in each team is given an orange, which he places under his chin, holding it between his chin and the neck.

One the command "Go!", the first player transfers the orange from beneath his chin to beneath the chin of the next player. The orange can not be touched with hands. The second player then transfers the orange to third, and so on.

If one of the players touches the orange with his hand or drops it to the floor, the orange must be passed back to the first player and the whole process starts again.

When the last player has the orange safely under his chin, he runs or walks to the first player and transfers it.

When the first player has the orange back, he raises his hand.

Who Wins :

The first team leader to raise his hand is the winner!

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