Ballroom Blitz - A Great Adult Party Game Idea !

by Cathy
(Atlanta, USA)

Recently I've gone to this great party at my friend's house. When I got invited, I was a bit reluctant to go as I hardly knew anyone there. But going there ended up being a really good decision because I still remember how much fun we had. At one point, my friend suggested we play Ballroom Blitz. The game is fun and flirtatious and is very similar to the famous Statues, only the adult version.

Here is how to play it:

You need to have 8 or so players, some fun music and a timer. (My friend used Ballroom music, but it doesn't actually have to be that. You can use any music you want.) One person among the players is designated as the DJ. The guests are required to be paired-off. The game starts with the DJ playing the music. The couples have to dance. The DJ can abruptly stop the music without prior warning and the couples will be required to stop the dance and "freeze" in whatever position they were in.

All the players will have to maintain their positions for 1 minute without twitching, moving or falling over (trust me, it actually happened !). Any guest who's caught moving is required to remove any part of his or her clothing. After that the game continues until there is only one couple left.

This is an adult strip game, so obviously, it's not for EVERY party, but for the right crowd and after a few drinks, this is a perfect game that might be just what your party needs !

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Feb 08, 2010
Thank you for submitting your favorite game !
by: Nathalie

Thank you for your submission, Cathy. This game is a lot of fun (like you said, for the right type of party) and is part of our collection.

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