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Pickle Race

For some true party fun, play Pickle Race, one of the must-do bachelorette games at any party! In this game players need to eat the pickle that's hanging on the string without using their hands.

You Will Need :

- Any number of players

- Clothesline or a string

- Pickles

How To Play :

Buy a large jar of whole pickles. Tie a clothesline across the room. Use string to tie the pickle to the clothesline, adjusting the height for each person who's playing. The pickle should hang in front of each player's mouth.

The players must keep their hands behind their backs.

At a given signal, participants have 30 seconds to see who can eat the most green.

Who Wins :

Winner is the one who has eaten the most of their pickle.

Note : If too many players dislike pickles, you can substitute pickles with similar sized carrots or cucumbers.

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