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For some flirtatious adult strip games, try Ballroom Blitz. This game is a fun and musical version of the Statues for adults.

You Will Need:

- 10 or more players

- Ballroom Dance music

- A timer

How To Play:

One player is designated to be the DJ. If there is an even number of guests, you could have one DJ and one referee.

All the guests have to pair off. If there are more men than women, or the other way around, that's too bad - they'll have to pair up anyway as all-male or all-female dance partners.

Now the DJ starts the dance music, and all the couples have to dance, energetically and enthusiastically. All the classic ballroom dances are great for this game - Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, but for the purpose of this game, the best one is Tango.

At any point, the DJ may decide to stop the music without prior warning, and all the dancers have to freeze on the spot. This is why Tango is the best - you may end up leaning backwards or in another equally absurd and challenging position.

All dancers have to maintain their position for 1, 2, 3 or 5 full minutes (as agreed in advance). The referee will keep his or her eyes on the proceedings to make sure that nobody moves amuscle, twitches a limb or worse, starts giggling ! Should one of the players succumb, they are instantly condemned to remove an item of clothing.

After a few minutes, the music resumes, and couple are allowed to continue dancing - the music stops again. Play continues, until you have room full of nude people. :)

Who Wins:

The couple to keep their clothes on the longest wins.

Note : Naturally, if ballroom music is not to your guests' liking or doesn't fall into the general theme of your party, you can keep the rules of this game, but substitute the ballroom music with any other style.

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