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Kiss of Death

For some great adult party game ideas, play Kiss of Death, one of the all-time classic party games enjoyed by would-be detectives and actors alike.

You Will Need :

- 10 players or more

- "Victim" and "Killer" cards, prepared in advance

How To Play :

Before the party, prepare one card that says "Killer" and as many other cards as you will have guests, each with the word "Victim".

Once you are ready to play, each person should draw a card, but keep their identity secret from the others.

Now the party can continue as normal, with people wandering around and chatting with each other - except that one of them is the Killer !

The Killer will - when he feels unobserved - establish contact with one of the guests and blow them the "kiss of death". The kiss kills within five seconds, so after silently counting to five, the victim should therefore declare himself or herself "killed".

Who Wins :

All victims have to try to stay alive while, at the same time, trying to figure out who the Killer is. Once they think they know who it is, they should loudly declare "I accuse Mark", or Helen, or whoever they have identified - while, of course, trying to avoid looking into Killer's eyes.

If a second "victim" has come to the same conclusion, the accused must show their card. If it says "Killer", the killer has lost the game. If not, the game continues.

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