Adult Halloween Party Games

Apple Bobbing


For some all-time favorite Adult Halloween Party Games, play Apple Bobbing - the original and still the best game for Halloween Party with the twist.

You Will Need:

- Any number of guests

- Apples

- Large bowl of water

How To Play:

Place the bowl of water on the floor in the middle of the room and as the guests arrive, get them to kneel down, bite into a bobbing apple and lift it clear.

Nobody can have a drink until they have secured an apple.

The extravagant host may prefer to fill the bowl with wine instead of water. And the thoughtful host may provide bibs for the participants.

Feel Like Getting Messy?

If you want to have a bit of extra fun, use a large bowl of flour with some marshmallows dotted around and after the apple bobbing is over, get the players to dip for some sweet stuff.

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